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February 1, 20144 years ago

Super bowl Sunday 2/2/2014 Business Hours 8am-1pm

Announcement Hawaii Extreme Paintball and Airsoft will be open from 8am - 1pm on 2/2/2014 (super bowl).
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February 1, 20135 years ago

February NPPL Regional Event To Be Held at Hawaii Extreme Paintball and Airsoft

      NPPL - Kicks off 2013 with the Hawaiian Challenge and Huntington Beach Surf City USA Open.   The NPPL has scheduled 8 stops this year, adding four new events to the 2013 World Series Title.  Each event will be classified either a 4 star or 5 star event.  4 Star events will be sanctioned and operated by the NPPL in conjunction with the field promoter. Teams will receive NPPL series points for playing in 4 star events which can go towards the over NPPL World Series Title. More information on NPPL World Series points and schedule available at The league will offer the following title series divisions for 2013: *    Pro - 7 man S7 Race format *    Semi Pro / D1 - 7 man S7 Race format *    D2 - 7 man traditional capture the flag format *    D3 - 7 man traditional capture the flag format *    D4 - 5 man traditional capture the flag center flag format *    Young Guns 3 man center flag format *    Pro 2V2 format (only played at 4 Star Minor events) Follow this link to the NPPL website for more information. NPPL News section. Registration for the Event Here
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January 7, 20126 years ago

Hawaii Extreme Paintball - Interview with NPPL!

Hawaii Extreme Paintball - Interview with NPPL!

Credit:NPPL Visit for more news from the National Professional Paintball League.

Hawaii Builds a New NPPL D2 7 Man Team for the 2012 season

The NPPL staff sat down with Hawaiian Heat’s owner Kalani Bullard to discuss his new division 2 team and his vision for paintball in Hawaii.

NPPL (N): How did you start the journey of creating Hawaiian Heat?

Kalani (K): Hawaii has a very large talent pool in paintball, but I always wondered why Hawaii wasn’t represented at the Pro level. I wanted to give Hawaii’s paintball players an opportunity to compete at the national level so I went to every field on the island of Oahu and evaluated the talent in the paintball community. I first wanted to develop a staff that could assist me with my goal of having a NPPL Pro Hawaiian paintball team.

N: What would the staff’s duties include?

K: Mainly the staff’s job is to help the team develop their skills and win. I want the players to only focus on training and competing in the NPPL events. I don’t want the players to worry about expenses to the events, travel arrangements, etc. The staff will handle everything in order for the players to focus on winning. We recently hired Rexie Barnum as the head coach for Hawaiian Heat; I know the team is going to be successful with Rexie and the staff behind the team.

N: How did you find the players for Hawaiian Heat?

K: We recently held open tryouts on December 17th at Hawaii Extreme Paintball Park and had 40 of some of the best paintball players Oahu has to offer. Both Rexie and I ran the players through their paces and my staff and I evaluated the players. After a tough tryout, we came to the decision of having 15 players on the roster.

N: Who are the players you decided on?

K: It was a tough choice, but I am really confident in the players we selected. We have Nate Bell, Austin Schanck, Travis Torralva, Sam Clairmont, Tyler Hanlin, Ryan Candilasa, Keene Souza, Michael DiSeria, Trevor Togami, Brad Limpahan, Matt Matthew Schultz, Lando Celes, Mike Eckhart, Frankie Alvardo, & Jessie Glasgow. These guys will be training hard 3 days a week and I know we have a great squad to become successful for the 2012 season.

N: Will you be competing in all 5 NPPL events in 2012? K: Yes, we will be competing as a division 2 7 man team. This will be the first division 2 team Hawaii has ever had. I’m really excited to have Hawaiian Heat play in a competitive league such as the NPPL and can’t wait for our debut in Huntington Beach.

N: What are your goals for Hawaiian Heat? What type of future do you see for them? K: My goal is to make Hawaiian Heat a successful Pro team. I want to represent Hawaii and Hawaii Extreme Paintball on the national level. I want to give the players a chance to shine as a team in a sport they love playing. I plan on being a part of this journey for a long stretch and see Hawaiian Heat become a Pro team and win a NPPL Series Championship. My hope is the players enjoy the experience and takes pride in their team. I also plan to build a paintball industry in Hawaii. I want Hawaii to know that we have talented players in paintball and we take pride in representing our state.

N: Who are the sponsors for Hawaii Heat? K: We are very thankful for all the sponsors who have come on board and support Hawaiian Heat. We currently have Hawaii Extreme Paintball, DLX, Primelinks, KEE Action Sports, Westbrooks, Hawaiian Dredging, Hawaiian Cement, & Hawaiian Herbal Center.

N: What is Hawaiian Heats Home Field?

K: Our home field is Hawaii Extreme Paintball and Airsoft. The field will be having their grand opening to the public the first weekend of January and we will be having a player’s clinic with Thomas Taylor and a referee clinic with the NPPL the same weekend.

N: That’s awesome! The NPPL would like to wish Hawaiian Heat much success in the 2012 season and would like to thank Kalani for taking the time to meet with us.